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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I totally agree especially when it comes to promoting our books. The right graphic can convey the energy of a book, and can even tell readers more about the characters, the themes, and even the trope of the next book they’ll read. Creating book graphics is a hard job; I’ve been creating graphics for my own books and for others for five years. Next to writing books, creating graphics is my favorite thing to do, and I’d love to mesh my energy and attention to detail with your vision for your book’s release and promotion.

My philosophy is simple: keep the design simple and fluid and don’t date the project. I think simplicity is important because “busy” graphics can be hard to read on phones and mobile devices – and that is how many readers access their social media. Simplicity is also eye-catching. Social media is full of graphics that have tons of verbiage, multiple images, strange fonts, and clashing colors. All of this encourages readers to keep on scrolling. Designing simpler graphics that match up to your brand creates a punchier message, one that quickly tells the reader what she can expect from your book.

To that end, if you’d like me to design a graphic or two for your next book release or to promote an older book, the first step is to talk about your vision. What are your favorite things about this book? Do you have favorite or brand colors that you want to use? Do you want to use your book cover? We’ll talk about your vision and then come up with something that will work for your promotional plans tomorrow and maybe even a year from now. In addition to specific book graphics, I create branded headers for your social media including Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, and Pinterest. Here are a few examples: 

Need more than a graphic? If you’re self-publishing and all those tutorials about formatting are making your head spin, I am adding ebook formatting to my list of author services. I use a formatting program called Vellum to create ebook files that are simply gorgeous, and can be personalized with chapter headings, scene breaks, and other nifty “extras” to make your book file gorgeous!

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